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CAN-FIND Technical Services

CAN-FIND Technical Services is committed to support can-makers everywhere. Not only do we have the most comprehensive Can-making buyers guide anywhere in the world, we are building a range of new resources specifically designed for can-makers. This includes:

Service Engineering - Experienced can-making engineers to assist you with machine repairs, servicing and overhauls.

Training Services - CAN-FIND is partnering with some established experts to offer various technical training packages. Each one of the below topics can be customised to suit specific requirements. Click here to contact us for furher information.

  • Technical Training - Can Seaming, Can Welding, Press Tooling Support & Working with Tin-plate.
  • Safety Training - Behavioural, Mind-set & Leadership based training, Plus traditional compliance based training.
  • Personal Development Training - Self Leadership training & Mind-set & Cognitive based performance training.
  • Sales & Customer Service Training - Sales Success & Customer Service Excellence.

Can-making Knowledge & Learning - This section of our website contains various documents for download and internet links related to the can-making industry. Click here to access this section.

CAN-FIND Sourcing - This service is aimed specifically at saving users time and effort by seeking quotations directly from our site. This service has four simple steps.........

1) - CAN-FIND users specify exactly what they are looking for via our easy to use forms.

2) - We contact the various suppliers from our database that match the search criteria.

3) - We gather the various quotations and send them to our users in a clear PDF format.

4) - Users can then take direct contact with the supplier(s) of their choice.

Users may choose to reveal their identity to suppliers or not (Our default setting is not to reveal client identity) CAN-FIND then does all the searching on our users behalf, so after 2 minutes filling in our form, our users can sit back, relax and wait for your quotes to arrive.

All user & supplier information is treated professionally and in full confidence. We recognise that clients may require additional signed confidentiality agreements and are more than happy to sign them.

CAN-FIND is fully impartial on supplier selection and all quotations received are passed onto CAN-FIND users if the search criteria is met. Users can then narrow down supplier selection fast and efficiently.




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