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Canmaking Buyers Guide

This Buyers Guide is for specialist can-making equipment and spares found in can-making factories. It has been organised by product category and is arranged alphabetically. Just scroll down the various categories and click the desired product category to take you directly to the suppliers listed in that category.

For basic engineering items (eg fasteners and fixings, gears & couplings) our General Engineering Directory.

Accoustic Cabins & Noise Protection
Aerosol Valves
Aluminium Suppliers
Bagging & Wrapping Equipment (Inc debagging)
Bailing machines (Wire Can Handles)
Beading machines
Blank Handling Systems
Bodymaker Spares & Tooling
Bodymakers - DWI
Bodymakers - Lock Seam
Bodymakers - Welded
Bodymakers - Welded - For Drums
Can Bailers
Can Crushing Equipment
Can Forming & Shaping Equipment
Can-lines - Complete Lines - 2 Piece
Can-lines - Complete Lines - 3 Piece
Can-lines - Control Systems
Cappers & Cap Manufacturing Systems
Carton Packing Machines
Coated Sheet Suppliers
Coating Machines (including Electrocoaters)
Coating Rollers (inc Annilox Solutions)
Coil Cutting & Coil Handling Systems
Combination Machines (3 Piece)
Compound Application & Measurement
Compound Lining Equipment
Conveying & Handling Systems
Copper Wire (Welders)
Cupping Systems
Curing Ovens (Gas & Induction)
Decoiling Equipment
Decorator Spares
Decorators (2 Piece cans)
Design Engineering Services
Domers & Bottom Forming
DRD Equipment
Drum & Pail Making Equipment
DWI Spares & Tooling
Ear & Cleat Welders
Embossing Machines
End Conversion Systems
Environmental Services (inc Waste Water Treatment)
EOE Manufacturing Equipment
EOE Score Repair Equipment
EOE Testing & Inspection Equipment
Equipment Installation & Transfer Services
Feeding Systems - Sheet Feeders
Feeding Systems - Mechanical & Servo Systems
Film Weight Control Equipment
Flanging Machines
Forming & Stamping Solutions (inc Prototyping)
Guarding Solutions (inc Accoustic Cabins & Protection)
Handle Welding & Handle Forming Equipment
Inside Spray Systems (Cans)
Inspection, Measuring & Test Equipment - Cans
Inspection, Measuring & Test Equipment - Caps
Inspection, Measuring & Test Equipment - Ends
Inspection, Measuring & Test Equipment - Double Seaming
Inspection, Measuring & Test Equipment - Blanks & Sheets (Plain)
Inspection, Measuring & Test Equipment - Lacquered Material (inc Film weight)
Inspection, Measuring & Test Equipment - Printed Material, Colours & Inks
Label Suppliers
Labelling Machines
Lacquers, Coatings & Varnishes
Layer Pads & Cardboard Packaging
Lining Compounds & Sealants
Lubrication Systems
Lug Caps & Twist Off Caps
Maintenance Providers & Systems
Monobloc Systems
Necking Machines
Nitrogen Gassing Systems
Oven Services (Engineering, Safety & Gas)
Ovens - Pin Ovens
Ovens & Dryers (inc washer Ovens)
Ovens for Compound Drying
Ovens for Printing & Lacquering
Oxidisers & Incinerators
Palletisers & Depalletisers
Packing & Strapping
Parting & Separating Machines
Plastic Closures
Press Control System (inc Double sheet detectors)
Presses - Sheet Fed
Presses - Strip / Coil Fed
Presses - Transfer Presses
Printed Sheet Suppliers
Printer Spares & Services
Printing - Digital Equipment
Printing & Metal Decorating Equipment
Printing Blankets
Printing Cylinders & Rollers
Printing Inks
Printing Plates
Project Management Services
Quality Control Systems
Retort & Sterilisation Systems
Score Repair Systems
Scrap & Waste Solutions
Scroll Shears
Sealing Machines & Machines for Peel-off ends
Seamer Services - Maintenance, Overhauls, Inspection, etc
Seamer Spare Parts
Seaming Chucks & Rolls
Seaming Machines - NEW - Medium / High Speed
Seaming Machines - NEW - Low Speed / Mono Head
Seaming Machines - FULLY OVERHAULED - Medium / High Speed
Sensors, Switches & Controls
Side Stripe & Weld Protection Systems - Powder & Lacquer
Side Stripe Curing Systems (Gas & Induction)
Slitters & Slitter Accessories
Software Systems - inc SPC, VMI, LEAN, Process Control, etc
Stackers and De-stackers
Testers - In-line Testers - Cans
Tinplate & Steel Suppliers
Tooling - Carbide Specialists
Tooling - Ceramic Specialists
Tooling - Curler Tooling
Tooling - D&I Tooling
Tooling - Embossing Tooling
Tooling - Necker Tooling
Tooling - Press Tooling
Tooling - Score / Tab (EOE)
Tooling - Scroll Tooling
Tooling - Specialist Coatings
Toolroom - Gauges & Measuring Equipment
Toolroom - Machines & Equipment
Trimmers & Trimming Equipment
Used Can Making Machinery
UV Curing Systems
UV - LED Curing Systems



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