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About Us.....

CAN-FIND is an online resource for the global can-making sector.

  • It is the only website dedicated to the can-making sector where you can find can-making suppliers, products, materials, technical information, training material and jobs all on one easy to use website.
  • It is the largest online database of can-related suppliers ever assembled, giving you instant access to over 700 industry suppliers. The CAN-FIND website has over 250 pages of content.
  • CAN-FIND has no user registration policy, is completely free of charge and you can find and deal with any suppliers directly should you choose.
  • CAN-FIND offers to undertake various mundane work on your behalf - This can include gathering multiple quotations on your behalf allowing you to narrow down supplier selection quickly and efficiently.
  • CAN-FIND is also happy to be your purchasing partner. We can support can-makers with simple one-off purchases to large investment & capital project tendering. You can even contact us to request adding your own prefered suppliers to our database and use CAN-FIND for your project tendering.

Your user details.....

Because we don't operate a log-in policy, it is very important when using our search forms that all users provide their full name, their company name in full and a business e-mail address. CAN-FIND is a business to business service and therefore will not accept enquiries where private e-mail addresses and/or false company names are submitted.


Those that may choose to use our sourcing service will know how much time and effort that takes, so to bring such a service to our can-making customers free of charge, we simply cover our costs by charging the suppliers wishing to be a registered sourcing supplier a small fixed annual fee. Suppliers then receive quotation requests when the search criteria identifies them as a potential match. We will be inviting all suppliers to get involved with CAN-FIND as our sourcing service gains traction.

To explain more about our services please refer to our Terms of Use & Privacy Policy.

"I've worked in can-making for 35 years since starting as an apprentice Engineer with Nacanco in 1988. In that time I've worked all over the world with many great suppliers. In the last few years I've watched various specialist websites transform many sectors, saving their users lots of time and effort searching for the right suppliers & products.

I also see lower staffing levels in many factories and extra time pressures on can-making staff, so my goal in creating CAN-FIND was to provide a "one-stop-shop" where anyone working in a can-making factory, anywhere in the world could access everything can-making. It was also an opportunity to support the many emerging markets where supplier and techical knowledge may be less than that of the USA & Europe"

Paul Schuil - Creator of CAN-FIND.

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