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Knowledge & Learning

This section includes various documents for download and internet links. For any other can-making support or technical info you require please just contact us and we will do our best to help you.

Can Manufacturing:

How all metal can types are made

A Video Guide on how cans are made

Steel versus Aluminium in Can-making

A guide to Lacquers & Lining Compounds

A guide to Cans & Sustainability.

Metal Packaging - Facts, Figures & recent Innovations

Can Sizes

A conversion table for metric & imperial can sizes

An easy to use excel file for calculating can body dimensions

Can Seaming:

The basics of good seaming & troubleshooting guide

Double Seaming - Terminology & Glossary

Can Welding & Bodymaking

A comprehensive guide to can welding & troubleshooting guide


Thank you to the contributors for these excellent, informative guides.




Canmaking News