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Trade Associations

Metal Packaging    
Worldwide International Packaging Association (IPA) www.ipacan.com
Europe European Metal Packaging Association (EMPAC) www.empac.eu
Denmark Danish Metal Packaging Association www.metalemballage.dk
France Syndicat National des Fabricants de Boites (SNFBM) www.snfbm.fr
Germany Verband Metallverpackungen (VMV) www.metallverpackungen.de
Hungary Hungarian Metalpackagers Non-Profit LTD www.magyarfemcsomagolok.hu
Italy Italian national Association of Metal Packaging (ANFIMA) www.anfima.it
Spain Asociación Metalgráfica Española www.ame.org.es
Switzerland Schweiz Verband Metallverpackungen www.metallverpackungen.ch
The Netherlands Metalen Verpakkingen Nederland www.fme.nl
UK UK Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association. www.mpma.org.uk
USA Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI) www.cancentral.com
Aerosol Cans    
Worldwide Association of of Aluminium Aerosol Container Manufacturers www.aerobal.org
Asia Asian Aerosol Federation (AAF) www.aerosol-asia.org
Australia Aerosol Association of Australia www.aerosol.com.au
Australia Can & Aerosol News Australia (Ardagh Group) www.cannedfood.org
Europe European Aerosol Federation www.aerosol.org
Germany Industriegemeinschaft Aerosole EV www.aerosolverband.de
Spain Asociacion Espanola De Aerosoles (AEDA) www.aeda.org
UK British Aerosol Manufacturers' Association (BAMA) www.bama.co.uk
USA USA - Midwest Aerosol Association (MAA) www.oktospray.org
Beverage Cans    
Europe Beverage Can makers Europe www.bcme.org
Benelux Beverage Can Benelux www.canmakersbenelux.com
France La Boite Boisson www.gielbb.com 
Germany Forum Getränkedose www.forumgetraenkedose.de
Spain Latas de Bebidas (Spain) www.latasdebebidas.org
Steel Drums European Association of Steel Drum Manufacturers www.sefa.be
Metal & Materials Alcircle www.alcircle.com
  Aluminium Federation (ALFED) www.alfed.org.uk
  Association of European Producers of Steel for Packaging (APPEAL) www.apeal.org
  European Steel Association www.eurofer.org
  European Aluminium Association (EAA) www.alueurope.eu
  European Organisation for Packaging & The Environment (EUROPEN) www.europen-packaging.eu
  ITRI - Tin Industry Specialists www.itri.co.uk
  Metal Packaging Europe www.metalpackagingeurope.org
  Global Metals, Mining and Fertilizer Intelligence www.crugroup.com
  Steel For Packaging (APEAL) www.steelforpackaging.org
  World Steel Association www.worldsteel.org
Inks & Coatings British Coatings Federation (BCF) www.coatings.org.uk
  Council of Paints & Printing Inks www.cepe.org
  Metal Decorators Association www.metaldecorators.org
Recycling & Sustainability    
Africa Collect-a-can (ZA) www.collectacan.co.za
Australia Australia - CanSmart (AU) www.cansmart.org
Austria ARA - Altstoff Recycling Austria AG (AT) www.ara.at
Belgium FostPlus (BE) www.fostplus.be
Europe Pro Europe (EU) www.pro-e.org
Finland PYR - The Environmental Register of Packaging PYR Ltd (FI) www.pyr.fi
Finland Mepak-Kierrätys (FI) www.mepak.fi
France Eco-Emballages (FR) www.ecoemballages.fr
France Chaque Canette Compte (FR) www.chaquecanettecompte.fr
Germany DSD - Duales System Deutschland AG (DE) www.gruener-punkt.de
Germany KBS - Kreislaufsystem Blechverpackungen Stahl (DE) www.kbs-recycling.de
Ireland REPAK (IE) www.repak.ie
Italy CONAI - Consorzio Nazionale Imballaggi (IT) www.conai.org
Italy Consorzio Nazionale Acciaio (IT) www.consorzio-acciaio.org
Japan Japan Steel Can Recycling Association (JP) www.steelcan.jp
Luxemborg Valorlux (LU) www.valorlux.lu
New Zealand Canzbac - New Zealand Steel Can Recycling Association (NZ) www.canzbac.co.nz
Norway Norsk GlassGjenvinning & MetalGjenvinning (NO) www.syklus.no
Portugal Sociedade Ponto Verde (PT) www.pontoverde.pt
Portugal Fileira Metal (PT) www.fileirametal.pt
Spain Eco-Embalajes España (ES) www.ecoembes.com
Spain Ecoacero (ES) www.ecoacero.com
Sweden REPA (SE) www.ftiab.se
Sweden Svenska Metallkretsen (SE) www.ftiab.se/metallkretsen
Switzerland Ferro Recycling (CH) www.ferrorecycling.ch
The Netherlands SKB - Stichting Kringloop Blik (NL) www.kringloopblik.nl
UK INCPEN Research Organisation (UK) www.incpen.org
UK SCRIB - Steel Can Recycling Information Bureau (GB) www.scrib.org.uk
UK Valpak (GB) www.valpak.co.uk
UK Every Can Counts (UK) www.everycancounts.co.uk
USA Canstruction (USA) www.canstruction.org
USA National Recycling Coalition (USA) www.nrcrecycles.org
USA SRI - Steel Recycling Institute (USA) www.recycle-steel.org

EUROPE International Packaging Association (IPA) www.ipacan.com


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