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CAN-FIND Training

CAN-FIND is now proud to offer a variety of training packages. We are partnering with well established experts in the industry to offer a range of bespoke training packages that can be customised to meet your specific requirements. We aim to support you with both traditional classroom based training, plus a range of e-learning & liscense based self-training packages.

Our four initial areas of focus will be

1) - Technical Training

  • Can Seaming
  • Can Welding

2) - Safety Training

  • Behavioural, Mind-set & Leadership based safety training
  • Traditional compliance based safety training

3) - Personal Development Training

  • Self Leadership training
  • Mind-set & Cognitive based performance training

4) - Sales & Customer Service Training

  • Sales Success
  • Customer Service Excellence

Click here to enquire, ask any questions, or to even suggest new areas of support & training you may require.



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